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See name of the plugin has changed from the earlier version to 0.6.1 from XFire to Xfire.

This app allows you to download all UGX maps (and updates! This includes but is not limited to UGX Comosea, UGX Christmas, UGX Cabin, Zombie House, and Zombie Seelow. (previously known as the UGX Map Updater) This app is the new way to obtain, update, and launch UGX Maps. If you get some sort of warning from your anti-virus, ignore it.

Tells Soap UI to name imported interfaces with the name of their corresponding soap/http binding, and not with their port Type (Read Reference Interfaces).

This ensures that WSDL containing bindings for both SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 will get unique names during import. A list of XML-Schema types and global elements in the form of [email protected] which will be used when generating sample requests and responses and input forms in the Soap UI Pro Form editor.

This application has been updated to VERSION 1.4.0.

To launch a map or mod, click Tools from the menu bar of the application and click the map from the list that appears under Launch Maps.

A loading bar will indicate the download's progress and show the download speed in kb/s.

After a map finishes downloading, you need not do anything more.

By default the XML-Schema root element is added since it is quite common in .

NET services and generates a sample xml fragment of about 300 kb! The minimum message size to compress in the Soap UI project file for preserving space.

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