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I can’t believe she is going to escape a jail sentence despite wreaking all this havoc.’For romantic souls looking for lasting love, the website might not be the obvious starting point.

Boasting more than four million active members worldwide, it pulls no punches in what it offers.‘We connect people seeking sex, without the complication of a long-term relationship,’ its website states.

Following their encounters she would harass not only the men, but their families, too. On another she pretended she had become pregnant while also claiming to have caught a sexually transmitted infection.

One man was so distressed he was pushed to the brink of suicide after Lewis threatened to show his wife a naked picture of him.

But it does not always end like that — as the five high-flying men who crossed paths with 49-year-old Lewis, only to find themselves embroiled in a situation worthy of the film Fatal Attraction, would discover to their cost.

It goes without saying, of course, that none of those involved in this sorry episode emerges with much credit.

While their identities are all known to this newspaper, the Mail has chosen not to name them.For while the world of online dating offers ample scope for drama, generally the worst that can happen is a drink with someone who looks nothing like their profile picture.Excuses and rapid exits are made and lessons learned.Given the carnage of broken marriages and blighted careers she left behind, her victims have little sympathy for her.‘Don’t get me wrong,’ the wife of one of those involved told me last week, ‘my husband was a plonker, a complete plonker for what he did.‘But she has really got away with this one.I have still got some of the text messages she sent to me and, believe me, they are absolutely despicable.

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