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“Honestly, I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful wedding dress,” the bride said.

“'I’ve had a lot of fun with fashion, and I used to be more wild, free, bohemian.

As I've been saying all season, it's a shame JB Smoove hasn't been given his own sub-plot line, instead just serving as Larry's consigliere, but there was still a lot to enjoy here.

Every year since our daughters Miranda and Alice were born, the ritual of Christmas tree decorating has remained the same.

For her big day, the bride chose to wear a custom Dior Haute Couture dress which was exclusively designed for her by the brand’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri.

“I think it’s every girl’s dream to have Dior design her wedding dress,” Kerr told Vogue.

Inspired by the iconic Grace Kelly, and the gown that she wore for her wedding to Prince Rainer of Monaco in 1956, Kerr’s gown was created with a demure long sleeve, high neck and delicately appliqued with lilies of the valley.

We got a fun and now rare argument between Cheryl and Larry along the way ("you're talking Tahoe to Ted!

Miranda hangs some of the largest of, what I call, “balls” (baubles is a ridiculous word) on the highest branches, then sinks into an armchair with her shi-tzu cross Peggy on her lap.

As a family we are lacking in talent for arts and crafts.

") and unprecedented, pre-coital 'relationship non-disclosure agreement' which our hero unsurprisingly had no luck in getting signed.

The pretty strong episode wrapped up with Larry taking the dispute with his neighbour on , creating screen grab heaven as Larry and Leon entered the dock - nameplate and everything - and Leon argued that the deteriorating colour of Larry's bequeathed house plant was no more of an issue than a light suntan on black skin.

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