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Crossley is known for an interpretation of the source of twentieth-century identities.In her view overland conquest by the great empires of early modern Eurasia produced a special form of rulership which gave high priority to the institutionalization of cultural identity.The criticisms by Li were followed by an interview with associate professor Zhong Han (Minzu University) in the same CASS online journal, severely attacking both Crossley personally and her work.In a subsequent essay Zhong continued his attack on Crossley, citing errors in an article of hers that had been translated into Chinese.(Polity Press, 2008), an examination of narrative strategies in global history that joins a new series of short introductory books inspired by E. Her work has appeared in two separate series of the Cambridge histories.

Crossley was born in Lima, Ohio, and attended high school in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.She has commented that while a Eurasian chronology that could be used for teaching is possible (as in the example of early modernity), it is not "global" since it would bring together Chinese and European history but isolate the histories of Africa, Australia, and North and South America.Crossley is a software author, and has created applications for use by teachers, professors, community organizers to manage web pages.This followed Internet criticism by Chinese posters of Crossley's 2011 editorial in the Wall Street Journal, in which she contrasted the international foundations of the 1911 revolution in China with the narrow nationalism of the hundred-year celebration in 2011.Possibly Li Zhiting used some criticisms that Crossley herself had written in a 2008 essay which was translated into both Korean and Chinese in 20.

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