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When police raided his home on June 30 this year, they asked him if he had an Instagram account and he told them the account name was 'Islamic State – al-Qaeda' and the account password was 'Truck attack.'His mobile phone had a Youtube webpage loaded onto it playing a video called 'British Islamic Extremists' playing, a documentary which included clips of people praising those who carried out terrorist attacks.On his laptop, police found an edition of the ISIS propaganda magazine Rumiyah, which included an article under the heading 'Just terror tactics' about which knife to use in an attack, and where to stab a person to cause maximum damage.

Mr Brook said of the search: 'This defendant is interested in what the security will be for a large public event the following day.'This is in context of course of all his searches, his threats on Instagram about Cardiff being attacked on the 30th, the knife and hammer in his bag, and of course the martyrdom letter as well.'Earlier in the day the court had been told by the judge, Mark Wall QC, told the jury that they would be having regular breaks because the defendant is only 17-years-old and has difficulty concentrating.Up For It dating spot is all about passion, desire and affection.You may find your love here, you may find your soulmate if you're lucky.He said that although the majority of fans of both clubs were well-behaved there was a small minority intent on causing problems.'We dealt with three small pockets of disorder involving supporters of both clubs.'Three arrests were made on the day – one for someone being drunk and disorderly and two for public order offences – following minor disorder involving small sections of both groups of fans.'Further investigation will be carried out and CCTV studied, which may result in further arrests.' The spokesperson said that the force takes football-related disorder seriously and will always deal with offenders.

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