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In summer you can expect the water to be around 14 degrees, dropping to 6 degrees in winter. Wherever you go on the island, you’ll see beautiful little Shetland ponies grazing on the roadside, beaches and hills. You and your date could go for a walk around the island and you’ll see plenty of the ponies dotted around the landscape. Double your chances and give Date Shetland Singles a try for free today.If you want to see more of them, pop back in August when the local agricultural shows take place. In the summer you’ll be able to see the rare bonxie.Thanks to the efforts of the Edmonston family, who own this land, the bonxie has gone from just 80 pairs in the 1920s to the 650 pairs there are today.The museum tells Shetland’s story from the early people to the development of the boats surrounding the islands.

If you do visit in the summer, you’ll be greeted by the noise of more than 100,000 breeding sea birds. If you are interested in wildlife, geology or plant life, this is a wonderful place to visit with your date. The sea surrounding the Shetland Islands is known for it’s great underwater visability. Not only will you see plenty of wildlife and submerged coastline but there are also a huge amount of underwater wrecks to visit.There’s also an interpretation centre that houses a hands-on display of local material used on site and visitors can learn more about the history of Jarlshof.The cliffs at Hermaness make it the perfect nesting ground for birds of all shapes and sizes.Some of the questions may seem a little revealing however we like to get a better understanding of what it is that really makes you tick.Our matching labs will use the data from the questionnaire to help produce your personality profile, which then in turn forms the basis of your profile.

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