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The date, hour and minute of the filing of each notice of lien shall be entered in the proper column.Except where the county clerk maintains a block index, the names of the owners shall be arranged in such book in alphabetical order. The term "building loan mortgage," when used in this chapter, means a mortgage made pursuant to a building loan contract and includes an agreement wherein and whereby a building loan mortgage is consolidated with existing mortgages so as to constitute one lien upon the mortgaged property. In no case shall the owner be liable to pay by reason of all liens created pursuant to this article a sum greater than the value or agreed price of the labor and materials remaining unpaid, at the time of filing notices of such liens, except as hereinafter provided. By the term "subsequent financing" is meant moneys borrowed upon the security of the improvement after the recording of a building loan contract and/or mortgage other than a building loan mortgage upon the premises to be improved and within four months after the completion thereof. If labor is performed for, or materials furnished to, a contractor or subcontractor for an improvement, the lien shall not be for a sum greater than the sum earned and unpaid on the contract at the time of filing the notice of lien, and any sum subsequently earned thereon.Such liens shall also have priority over advances made upon a contract by an owner for an improvement of real property which contains an option to the contractor, his successor or assigns to purchase the property, if such advances were made after the time when the labor began or the first item of material was furnished, as stated in the notice of lien.If several buildings are demolished, erected, altered or repaired, or several pieces or parcels of real property are improved, under one contract, and there are conflicting liens thereon, each lienor shall have priority upon the particular part of the real property or upon the particular building or premises where his labor is performed or his materials are used. The term "public improvement," when used in this chapter, means an improvement of any real property belonging to the state or a public corporation; however, if the beneficial interest of an improvement is in an entity other than the state or a public corporation notwithstanding legal title being vested in an industrial development agency created under article eighteen-A of the general municipal law, then such improvement shall be considered an improvement of real property subject to mechanics' liens on real property as provided in section three of this chapter. The term "contractor," when used in this chapter, means a person who enters into a contract with the owner of real property for the improvement thereof, or with the state or a public corporation for a public improvement. The proceeds of any insurance which by the terms of the policy are payable to a contractor or subcontractor, and actually received or to be received by him because of the destruction or removal by fire or other casualty of an improvement on which he has performed labor or services or for which he has furnished materials, shall, after such contractor or subcontractor has been reimbursed therefrom for premiums paid by him, if any, for such insurance, be liable for the payment of demands for labor or services performed or materials furnished by his order and for which he is liable, in the same manner and under the same conditions as payments to him under his contract would have been had such improvement not been so destroyed or removed. Liens under contracts for public improvements A person performing labor for or furnishing materials to a contractor, his or her subcontractor or legal representative, for the construction or demolition of a public improvement pursuant to a contract by such contractor with the state or a public corporation, and any trust fund to which benefits and wage supplements are due or payable for the benefit of such person performing labor, shall have a lien for the principal and interest of the value or agreed price of such labor, including benefits and wage supplements due or payable for the benefit of any person performing labor, or materials upon the moneys of the state or of such corporation applicable to the construction or demolition of such improvement, to the extent of the amount due or to become due on such contract, and under a judgment of the court of claims awarded to the contractor for damages arising from the breach of such contract by the state, or awarded for furnishing labor or materials not contemplated by the provisions of said contract, upon filing a notice of lien as prescribed in this article, except as hereinafter in this article provided.

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The term "consideration" when used in this chapter, includes real property as defined in section two hereof, and personal property as defined in section thirty-nine of the general construction law. If an owner assigns his interest in such real property by a general assignment for the benefit of creditors, within thirty days prior to such filing, the lien shall extend to the interest thus assigned.The validity of the lien and the right to file a notice thereof shall not be affected by the death of the owner before notice of the lien is filed. Where the county clerk indexes liens in a block index, every notice of lien presented to the clerk of a county of filing, in order to entitle the same to be filed, shall contain in the body thereof, or shall have endorsed thereon, a designation of the number of every block, on the land map of the county, which is affected by the notice of lien.The county clerk shall cause such notice of lien to be entered in the block index suitably ruled to contain the columns listed in the preceding paragraph, under the block number of every block so designated.The notice shall state the name and residence of the lienor, the name of the contractor or subcontractor for whom the labor was performed or materials furnished, the amount claimed to be due or to become due, the date when due, a description of the public improvement upon which the labor was performed and materials expended, the kind of labor performed and materials furnished, and materials actually manufactured for but not delivered to such public improvement, and give a general description of the contract pursuant to which such public improvement was constructed or demolished.If the lienor is a partnership or a corporation, the notice shall state the business address of such partnership or corporation, the names of the partners, and if a foreign corporation, its principal place of business within the state.

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