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In many cases, the human resources department may report to them.

The powerful predators have the financial resources to offer settlements, and they have enough powerful allies to smear or blacklist any accuser.

They have the lawyers to threaten libel or slander suits to prevent any reports of their behavior.

There is really nothing that the modern corporate structure or culture can throw at them that they fear.

(Was this a misinterpretation of a comment that there was no preexisting intelligence or information indicating that a terror attack was imminent?

) We know there are foreign entities that deliberately spread misinformation to Americans through social media: The Columbian Chemicals hoax was not some simple prank by a bored sadist.

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Any significant blow to your head can cause your brain to bounce within your skull and cause a momentary “knockout.” Hopefully in the melee, nothing you really need like a kidney, spleen, or lung will get all that banged up.

You probably recall the San Bernardino attack initially being described as “workplace violence.” The “underwear bomber” in 2009 was initially reported as someone attempting to set off firecrackers on a plane.

There are still those who contend that the primary motive in the Orlando shooting was gay self-hatred on the part of the shooter, and not his pledge of loyalty to ISIS.

The bike path runs parallel to the West Side Highway but is separated by a low median with intermittent trees — making it difficult, but not quite impossible, for a truck to accidentally veer onto the bike path. More than a few folks on Twitter cited this report as a sign that anyone characterizing the event as terrorism was panicking and overreacting.

Of course, within a few hours, the authorities announced that this was exactly what it looked like, an Islamist terrorist inspired by ISIS and imitating the style of attacks in European cities using trucks.

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