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Marbles also are great Ammo for a Sling or Slingshot, they fly a lot straighter than rocks do because they are more perfectly round.

It may in fact be one of the most important articles in terms of maintaining your sanity in a real TSHTF scenario.

Craps is a definite Gambling game, so there are risks of course if you have a Floating Craps Game in a Refugee Camp. For Yahtzee, it's nice if you have a Pad with all the point values printed on it, but you can use plain paper pads as long as you have those memorized, which is not hard to do.

Scrabble Scrabble sets like the Chess sets also come in small travel versions, and often the pieces will snap into place so you can close up a game in the middle, and then return to playing it again later.

So Chess is high on my list of games to have along, but there are others as well which more people know how to play, or are easy to teach.

I'll list the games here more or less in order of what will have the most usefulness with the most people you run into. Cards Just about everybody knows how to play some kind of card game, and if they do you don't even need to speak the same language for most card games.

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