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The importance of relationships is demonstrated by findings that show that among all age groups relationships are considered essential to happiness (Berscheid, 1985; Berscheid & Reis, 1998).The absence of close relationships makes the individual feel worthless, powerless, and alienated (Baumeister & Leary, 1995; Stroebe & Stroebe, 1996).Since the vast majority of romantic relationships exist between heterosexual partners we describe the journey from attraction to romantic relationship from this perspective.There is little research so there is no way to know, however, there is no convincing reason to assume that this journey is completely different for homosexuals. And how can we build these feelings into lasting relationships?Does that take away something of the mystery of liking and loving relationships?

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Computers provide platforms from which to initiate relationships, and opportunities to screen for important characteristics prior to any encounter.Most people will experience the delirious feelings of infatuation and love sometime in their lives. Are there ways we can improve our chances for satisfying long-lasting and happy relationships?This chapter will show that there are behaviors to avoid, but that we can also contribute much to lasting attachments.Friendship is like a rusty coin; all you need to do is polish it at times!In this essay we shall examine the research on attachment, attraction and relationships.

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