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There was a lot of exposed flesh with her today and Carla found her eyes drawn to her again and again.

Somehow she made it through to the end of the lesson and the end of the day without exploding.

She almost ran out of the classroom and to one of the toilets.

She locked herself in the cubicle and tried to think about what to do. "You like her and, believe me, she is going to like you.

They looked at her with something like adoration on their faces, even Paula. She expected an outright refusal, despite everything that had happened to her recently, so she was surprised when Paula responded with an eager nod and immediately set off with her.

Carla stopped and opened her mouth to speak, but suddenly she couldn't find the words. The rest of her group remained behind, staring jealously after them.

You have good taste, Carla - she will be an excellent catch." Carla steeled herself for what she had to do.

There were so many occasions where she could have taken advantage but she held herself back.She didn't want to turn into some sex-mad creature.So even when the gorgeous Paula dropped her purse and bent over right in front of her, Carla quickly looked away and distracted herself instead of staring at that gorgeous butt wiggling in front of her. All she could think about was, what if Amy had turned round at the wrong time? "All these rules you have around sex are so restrictive," Warei said.But now she saw the potential for sex in just about anything.Every student and teacher at school became a potential partner, even some of the uglier ones. Miss Jones lectured in her usual way, showing absolutely no sign that she remembered her tryst with Carla.

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