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I will never write a guide for picking up girls because I have a great girlfriend and she will be the first to declare that I have lots to learn about the subject.With that being said allow me to make some comments on picking up girls in your twenties by spending lots of money: You ever notice how some guys go to the bar dressed like scrubs and still manage to leave with a few numbers in hand?April was always reassuring me that even when my kids were being crazy, the shots would turn out great because they were natural. She is so fun to work with, laid back, but really professional.

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As a college student or even a recent college graduate you probably don’t have enough of a disposable income to be spending money so foolishly.Dating is a, pretty much unavoidable, prequel to getting into a relationship.But if it doesn’t amount to one, it’s easy to lose our enthusiasm for it.By talking about picking up girls with money I wanted to discuss those guys that always spend their paychecks on the nicest clothes, fanciest shoes, and hefty cover charges at high scale clubs, all to pick up women.Granted we all love the attention of the opposite sex but some of us spend way more money than is needed.

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