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Everything from more chickpeas, to za’atar, pine nuts, sumac, and even preserved lamb cooked in its own fat (awarma) are spooned in the oily well and scooped up.

Other dips include eggplant-based mutabal (also spelled moutabal), which is what we often refer to as Baba Ganoush in the west.

They weren’t my favorite, nor were the tiny, green underripe plums, which were too sour for my taste.

Interestingly, they also sold tubs of both at the airport as well.

I picked up a few bags to bring home and it’s fun to choose your own from the dozens of nuts and seeds they offer. Good thing they didn’t weigh me on the way out, because I’m pretty sure I ate as much as I bought.

And now, I’m officially just as hooked as the Lebanese are.

Until a half a head of raw cabbage was plunked down in front of me, I didn’t realize this, but tabbouleh is absolutely delicious eaten by tearing off a cabbage leaf and using it to scoop up and eat the herbal salad.If having a drink by the sea, you might get pickled seaweed, marinated in a salted brine with a bit of lemon to go along with your cocktail or “Mexican beer”, which sounded odd to me as I couldn’t understand why beer from Mexico was so prevalent in Lebanon.Until I realized it just refers to a glass of beer served in a salt-rimmed glass.I like it so much that, as you can see, I scarfed most of it down before I took a snap of it.I often ate this for breakfast, where it was served at room temperature, cubed and soaked in spiced olive oil, and served with olives.

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