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from killing your data plan isn't the only way for i Phone owners to reduce their data usage.Here are seven phone-wide settings that can help keep you under your monthly data allotment.Next, see what the schedule is for Fetch at the bottom of the screen.If you choose Manually, then the Mail app will check for new email only when you open the app.As a hosting provider, we do not have any influence over when i Tunes refreshes their cache and updates your podcast. It will open a new screen that gives you many possibilities to subscribe to podcasts.Wi-Fi Assist is a great feature where your i Phone hands off a weak Wi-Fi signal to your cellular network to prevent pages from loading slowly (or not at all) as it clings to the last remnants of a Wi-Fi signal.If you sit on the edge of a Wi-Fi network at work, say, then your cellular network may be assisting more than you'd like and running up data charges.

Check to see how frequently your email account is set to fetch new mail -- the less frequently it fetches, the less data (and battery) you'll use. First, make sure Push is turned off if you want to save data and don't need new emails pushed to you constantly.

You can queue up articles while you're using Wi-Fi to read later when you're on a cellular connection or out of range completely.

When you add a page to Safari's Reading List, Safari downloads it for offline viewing.

Sound Cloud is a hosting provider, and does not have any influence over when or if i Tunes will accept your RSS feed.

If you make changes on Sound Cloud, they will automatically update your RSS feed.

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