Desi speed dating chicago

Illinois has many cities with large Indian American populations.While Chicago comes first to mind – with the third largest concentration of Indians in the U. other with more than ten percent of Indian origin residents are Hoffman Estates, Oakbrook and Schaumburg.Check out Indian Neighborhoods One of the best ways to get to singles from a particular social group is to frequent the places where they live.And Indians are anyway known to prefer living close to their families, even after they are adult, working and can afford a place of their own.Chicago’s Museum of Natural History was one of the first venues of Indian-themed events having hosted the Festival of India as early as 1985.

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The growing strength of Indians is indicated by the fact that in 1991, the 'Little India' stretch of Devon was also designated Gandhi Marg.Socialize with Indian associations Like in other places, in Illinois too the Indian diaspora tries to do its best to keep their cultural and religious traditions alive.Thus Hindus in major cities like Chicago have their temples while Muslim of Indian origin pray at the mosques.The ethnic, linguistic, and cultural divisions that prevail in India have been carried over with Chicago-based organizations such as the Bengali Association, the Bihar Cultural Association, the Tamil Nadu Foundation, the Telugu Association, the Punjabi Cultural Society, the Maharashtra Mandal, and Gujarati associations.While you may not always qualify to join the avowedly religious associations, you may well tag along a friend or a co-worker to an event or celebration hosted by Indian cultural associations.

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