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If you wonder why I didn’t include the nightclubs as good places to meet ladyboys in Phuket – well, that’s because most of the clubs simply don’t allow ladyboys.

You can argue whether that’s good or not, fair or not, but that’s just how it is.

I wrote guides on all different places to meet girls in Phuket, but what I haven’t really covered yet is something that more and more guys are interested in: Where to meet ladyboys in Phuket? So in this guide I will answer all of these questions, and while the main focus will be on the different places to meet ladyboys in Phuket, let’s go through some general things first so you get a good overview of the shemale scene on Thailand’s biggest island.

The main hot spots with the highest concentration of ladyboy masseuses in Patong are: The area around Christin Massage on Second Road (photo), Sainamyen Road, Bangla Road and the dark places on Beach Road, about 200m north of Bangla Road.

The next thing you are probably interested in (if you haven’t got any experience yet) is how to deal with the ladyboys.

They are usually much more direct and straightforward in talking with you, especially if it’s a bar girl.

Don’t worry, I have included all locations on the map at the end of the guide.

Also worth checking out are the ladyboy cabaret shows.

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