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But apart from the evenly baked thin base, Kim’s pizza bears little resemblance to those slices.

And seeing pizza as something malleable, according Jennifer Flinn, a Seoul-based Korean food expert who ran a bilingual food blog, has in turn nurtured a culture of experimentation.

The pace is a byproduct of the “compressed modernity”—and resultant consumerism—that the country experienced after the Korean War. According to Joe Mc Pherson, a Seoul-based Korean food consultant and founder of the blog Zen Kimchi, whereas other chains seem to plug random, new dishes, which pop up and quickly disappear, Mr. The chain’s first Indian branch is slated to open in the first quarter of this year. Pizza CEO Jung Woo-hyun has aspirations to make his particular brand of Korean pizza globally dominant and is expanding by focusing primarily on the Chinese market.

“There’s always a desire for something new in Korea,” Tudor says. On a lunchtime visit to the original branch, tables and booths are filled with Ewha students and employees from a local bank branch.

The wasabi ranch with bulgogi and slivers of green capsicum and onion is delicious. Today, there are the Koreanized chains, upscale eateries, places doing Neapolitan-style pizza, and casual spots to eat New York slices.

But “Korean pizza” is most often associated with the outlandish toppings-laden creations of the fast food chains.

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