Dating air force men updating esx server

If you love someone and your love is true then it should not matter that they are abroad. But I'm really proud of what they do for their country. (If only he would put on that sexy camouflage for me...... but i think you need that in any relationship for it to work.

If you plan on playing head games with these guys don't bother with them, they go through enough, they want someone to love and come home to not sending them dear john letters. i think people pay far too much attention to the wrong things and forget the basics of a relationship.

It's just stupid to be like that to someone for no reason, come on people, wake up!

yes i would date a guy in the forces, and i can guess that it takes alot of trust between the 2 of u, that the relationship is going to be kept to 1 partner, and not say "a girl in every port".

These men are ordinary people and deserve the same respect as any other person.

Where I am from, people stick up thier noses and totally disregard what these men are here for: to fight for you and your country.

I can't remember any woman saying she wouldn't date me simply because I was IN the military. My personal experience the past few yrs has left me with the huge realization that percentage has dropped like a rock. There is nothing more sexy than a man in an uniform.Yes, it happens, I've seen it on quite a few occasions but you can't reject someone just cause of their job.Give them a chance, see what they're like then decide whether or not you wanna invest your time and affection.It's a scary thought that they might not return, of course, but when they do, it's important for them to know they have someone waiting for them with love and respect. At least the ones that I did get to know, (only a few) they don't want to commit because they are focussing on thier training, or don't want to get hurt or both, or maybe it wasn't the right time. It has never gone farther than that, in my case anyways in my most recent experience. So my chances of actually being with a Military guy are next to none. But thats not to negate that it would be a difficult thing for everyone, I have seen my friends go though it. I would date a guy in the Military, but not specifically for that reason, more because of the character of the person you would have to be an awefully strong individual to have that kind of drive to go after your dream, belief and goal.I think that is what would attract me to a Military guy if anything.

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