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Many people think the ultimate pleasure is a vacation in Hawaii – sacking out on a waterbed, a cool breeze wafting through the window, a tall drink, every muscle in your body relaxed. In reality, pain is the price you pay for pleasure. If we wouldn't guzzle vintage wine, then shouldn't we accord the same respect to life itself?But don't let yourself fall asleep – because then you'll miss the whole thing! If you want to graduate college and get a good job, you have to study hard. Without the ball, there is nothing to distract them from the effort. Give them back the ball, and they'll play for another two hours! Focus on the goal – and turn every effort into a pleasure. In summary, remember the three criteria that apply to all classes of pleasure: Fifth Class Pleasure Fifth class pleasure is the most basic and available. Good food, nice clothes, comfortable home, pleasant music, beautiful scenery." Judaism says that God is our Father in Heaven, and we are His children. Would you trade the love of your life for a beach front home on the Riviera? So how do you assign a value to any given pleasure? You can put up with a lot of aggravation, because the power you get from pleasure propels you.Just like any parent, God wants His children to enjoy life's pleasures. Of course nobody wants to think of themselves as traveling second class, so they call it Business Class, Executive Class, or Ambassador Class. In trying to evaluate the worth of a given pleasure, ask yourself: When I eat ice cream, how much pleasure, how much energy, do I get from it? If I love someone, how energized does that make me feel?

Cohen says, "You're spending your whole life trying to make million dollars. After his encounter with Cohen, Schwartz has a flash of inspiration: "I have to spend more time with my treasures! After enduring food fights, floods in the bathtub and endless readings of "Babar Goes to the Circus," Schwartz flops down on the couch, turns to his wife and says, "Perhaps I was a bit hasty taking that two week vacation..." Learning to Love Schwartz knows that his children are more valuable than million. The first step is to get a definition of "love." The Talmud defines love as the emotional pleasure we get when focusing on the virtues of another. Because the greater the pleasure, the greater the effort required. They get married, have kids, a big house, a heavy mortgage. Bob's love is not based on commitment and effort to reveal virtues. You cannot kill innocent people even if it means saving your own family. In Judaism we say: If you don't know what you are willing to die for, then you haven't begun to live. If you don't have meaning in your life, then all the physical enjoyments, the beautiful vacations and even the wonderful spouse and children, can make you feel that something is missing.

They don't cough at night, and they get better math scores. Finally, after what seems like eternity, you drag him to the shore.

People are there to lend a hand, and an ambulance takes the drowning victim to the hospital.

So I'll give you the biggest shortcut of your financial career. " He buzzes his secretary and announces he's taking a two week vacation to spend with his kids. After struggling for an hour to get the stroller open, he finally makes it to the park. If you do that, then even if the kids are throwing meatballs across the room, you can still love them (and discipline them at the same time). Therefore, if you want to succeed in life, the key is not to eliminate pain entirely – that is impossible. Therefore just as easily as you "fall in love," you can "fall out of love." Bob and Sue are alone in the park, walking beneath the full moon. Bob works hard to pay the bills, staying overtime at the office. Bob returns home to Susie and proclaims, "I fell in love with the secretary. The Bible says that "Adam knew his wife Eve." Love is built on knowledge. Learning to Appreciate Goodness It takes great effort to be a genuinely good person. They end up being "not bad" – that is, they don't murder, steal, or commit adultery.

I'll give you million dollars right now for the right to adopt one of your children. The only condition is that you will have to break off all contact – you will not be able to see or hear from your child again." What does Schwartz say? Without a clear understanding of what love is, all you'll be able to focus on is the effort and pain involved in raising kids, and you'll come to conclude that it's just too taxing. Rather, focus on the pleasure which you receive as a reward for all that effort. While Bob is working late one night with his secretary Carol, Cupid sneaks up and shoots another arrow. The more intimate the knowledge, the more you can love. Third Class Pleasure What in the world could compel someone to give up what they love most dearly? But being good is much more than just "being not bad." So why don't we try?

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