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If for example the macro errors out or is interrupted before it completes, Screen Updating would still be off while Excel is running.Future versions of Excel will invariably support new, or stop supporting existing, VBA methods and properties, so it’s an unnecessary risk to not reset Screen Updating. Cells(l Row2, 1) @@@@@@End If @@@@End With @@Next i @@Worksheets(1). Screen Updating = True End Sub= 2 Then @@@@@@@@l Row2 = Worksheets(1).

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Some of this is covered in Steve Brown's book "Visual Basic Developer's Guide to the Win32 API". The reason that i am doing this: I want to make games that can be played in a corporate environment without being detected. It takes quite some time to get the image onscreen, because it seems to be impossible to copy an array containing the pixel colors into the . Third, there might be times when you are running code in sequence and you want to see what you did while you are doing it. Macros Two and Three are called by Macros One and Two, but you cannot see the results of your code until the last macro is completed, unless you had set the Screen Updating back to the way it was in each macro. Screen Updating = False Msg Box "Screen Updating is off now !! Value = "Two" Msg Box "Screen Updating is " & Application.It bears mentioning in this case that the message boxes give that wild effect if you drag them while Screen Updating is False, very sloppy, all the more reason to set things back to normal as you go. Screen Updating = True Msg Box "Screen Updating is on." Range("A1: A3"). Screen Updating Three End Sub Sub Three() Range("A3").So:- No executables, No registry editing- Only office-extensions (like .xls, etc)- Max filesize 200 KB- All game resources (sounds, maps, etc) should be inside the file or be pre-installed on a corporate machine (such as the sounds from C:\Windows\Media)So far, i've developed some grid-based games (Tetris, Snake and Mines) for Excel. Next week i'll try to experiment with virtual DC's etc.

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