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(7) Saladin, a conservative Sunni Muslim, had vanquished the Fatimid rulers of Egypt and detested their Ismaili religion.

"What Suhrawardi was teaching al-Malik al-Zahir would have sounded distressingly like Ismailism to Saladin." (, p.

According to Shahrazuri, the victim was shut in a room and denied food and drink.

The same source reports different versions of his death, including the sword and strangulation.

He became a tutor of the governor, implying a close contact with the court.

"Sometimes he wore the woollen garb of the Sufis, sometimes the silk dress of the courtiers." (4) He proved formidable in debates with the jurists, but they resented his influence, and his situation grew precarious.

The subject was "much in the company of Sufis, from whom he benefited." (1) This situation occurred during the wandering life he undertook after his education at Maragha (in Iran) and Isfahan.

1191) hailed from north-west Iran, and became known posthumously as Shaikh al-Ishraq, meaning "teacher of illumination." There are several sparse thirteenth century biographies, including one by the partisan Shams al-Din Shahrazuri (died after 1288), who profiled Suhrawardi as a philosopher and contemplative with Sufi affinities.

The prince was reluctant to comply, but gave in when threatened with the onus of abdication. The zealous accusers of Suhrawardi said that if he were allowed to live, he would corrupt the faith of the prince, and that if he were merely banished, he would corrupt any other place to which he might go.

This sections contains a summarized historical timeline: A journey through time: 7000 B. Throughout the millenniums of invasions and conquests, Persians have been tough enough to live through it and repel the invaders.

Even during Middle Ages Persia produced the best scholars in the world in all fields of science.

The ruler was apparently both the disciple and patron of the unconventional philosopher.

According to Shahrazuri, the subject was very forthright in defending the views of philosophers, disputing with the of Aleppo and exposing the limitation of their dogmas. The jurists attributed to him the claim of prophecy; Shahrazuri denies the accuracy of this charge and says that the accusers were motivated by jealousy.

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