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To test if its matching algorithm works and goes beyond the power of suggestion, Ok Cupid also told good matches that they were bad matches.Good matches, even if told they weren't compatible, still connected but not as much as when they knew their actual compatibility.Online dating site OKCupid’s controversial experiments with users could help spur discussion about what happens with personal data, company co-founder Christian Rudder said at a Chicago event Tuesday.In a blog post last summer, Rudder discussed several experiments, unbeknownst to users, that included the site intentionally suggesting bad matches to see how people would behave.“There isn’t this kind of data grab that people think is happening.When we’re doing any analysis, we’re asking what women are into, what are older guys into, who women are clicking on."Though companies such as Facebook, Google and OKCupid say they collect data to better understand people's use of these services, not all users understand how that works and whether they should opt out from sharing, Rudder said.“As people fully understand how an algorithm works, a search algorithm whether it's Google's or Facebook's or ours, they can make a more informed decision whether to partake in it or not and whether to do incognito mode,” Rudder said.Users were 44% more often to respond to a first message and contact details were exchanged more quickly compared a week prior when photos were available, according to Rudder's post.

“There's a lot of controversy when websites do things like that.”He said OKCupid employees don't look at individual profiles and that the site doesn't retain credit card information or know the real names of users.“The data we look at is the data of people doing things,” he said.The site was unapologetic about the experiments, despite controversy over Facebook's study to test if it could manipulate users' emotions."Ok Cupid doesn't really know what it's doing," wrote Ok Cupid president Christian Rudder in a blog post Monday.He said, "If you use the Internet, you're the subject of hundreds of experiments at any given time, on every site.He said he takes comfort in his site as a tool to get more people meeting face to face.“One thing I like is the objective to get the person off the computer and dating in person,” Rudder said.The dating site Ok Cupid confessed to experimenting with user matches, misleading them to believe they were compatible with people they weren't.

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